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Puppy Training

Length of program:  2 months

The puppy training program is for puppies ages 8 to 16 wks of age and covers:  Crate training, house breaking, introduction to birds, enhance of retrieving skills, and introduction to basic obedience.

"Head Start" Program

Length of program:  1-3 months

The "Head Start" Program is for puppies aged 4-6 months of age.

We introduce your young dog to birds, pointing, whistles, check cords, and field commands.  Only when they are ready, will we properly introduce  your pup to gunfire.  This exposure is for developing your dog's natural instincts and involves very little or no corrections.  An extremely important part of a puppy's development is to enjoy all the new hunting experiences without any pressure.  At the end of the dog's introductory work when you come to pick up your dog, we will spend time working with you and your dog together.  We will instruct you on what "to" work on and what "not to" work on at home to prepare your dog for the more advanced training.  This introductory work is designed to educate you and your pup on how to get the most out of his or her early sessions.  During this critical stage of rapid development, we lay the foundation for a great hunting dog.  A poorly started pup often will be unsuccessful in their later training. 

"Core" Training

Length of program:  2-4 months

The "Core" program is for young dogs starting at about 6-12 months of age.

This is where the formal training begins, and the core elements of being a bird dog are taught.  Your dog will be taught to be handled in and out of the field, off leash and on, whistle and verbal commands.  It will be taught to turn on command in the direction you want it to go, to come back to you any time you call it, and point and stand birds until they run off, fly off,  or you flush them.  This dog will be ready to hunt on wild birds after this program but is not broke ("steady to shot").  We develop the dog's natural pointing instinct, the dog's patience on point, and bring out his or her natural retrieving ability in these sessions.  Your dog will be trained on a check cord at first and then trained with an e-collar and GPS Tracker to handle off leash when he is done.  This training also includes one-on-one personal training sessions for the owner and dog to make sure you are working as a team. 

"Complete" Training

Length of program:  3-6 months

This is where your dog will find birds, hold point until you arrive, stay on point through the flush, shot and kill, and will remain steady until you release it to retrieve.  Then when the day is done, your dog will sleep in your bed if that's your choice.  This does not mean that very dog that stays with me will sleep in my bed but, be assured they will have plenty of social interaction with humans.  In training your dog to become "steady to wing and shot," the dog will first be "whoa" broke.  The dog will then be trained in the field on birds to hold through the shot and the kill and, finally, until the retrieve command is given.  This will take place in actual hunting conditions to get him or her steady to "wing and shot."  When your dog's training is finished, it will handle in and out of the field, be steady to wing and shot and retrieve to hand.  This training also includes one-on-one, step-by-step training for the owner, to teach you how to keep your dog broke.  These dogs will handle kindly, point birds and hold steady to wing and shot in order to ensure your dog's safety and will look and be the quality dog you will be proud to own.  These finished broke dogs can be taught to "honor" another dog's point, and to "stop to wild flush" as additional training to produce the "complete companion".

Refresher Training
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Hourly Training Sessions
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One-on-One Training
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