Damsel is probably one of the most laid back shorthairs I've ever been around.  She loves to cuddle and be out in the field working with you.  She is a joy to watch work and has been a pleasure to hunt behind.  She ranges a little closer than some of other shorthairs but has style and grace while she's out there working. 

Born - 1/29/13

Weight - 42lbs

Height -

OFA:  Good

WK's Damsel In Success JH - "Damsel"RETIRED


Hunt Tests
8/24/13 - Junior Hunter Pass

8/25/13 - Junior Hunter Pass
9/14/13 - Junior Hunter Pass
4/05/14 - Junior Hunter Pass-Title Achieved

WK's Damsel in Success JH Desert Point's IHD\'s Tom C Foolery IHD's Fritz Sohn Von Roll Tide NFC DC Liebmeister Roll Tide FC Northman's Dixieland Cody FC AFC Stormcrow in Dixieland FC Dixieland's Rusty
FC AFC Happy Ridge Jesse of Cariblu
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Hustlers Megan Vd Westwind
Gamble's Princess Bell Gamble's Rip-N-Logan
CH Snips's Ticked Off SH
DC Hillhaven's Hustler
CH Snip's Chick Von Wildburgh SH 5X NSTRA CH
Gamble's Boogie Woogie Layla Jackson Von Prima Banane 1X NSTRA CH
Gretta Carbo Gamble MH 1X NSTRA CH
Gamble's Princess Di
Snip's Bad Beuford Gamble DC AFC Stradivarivarius Barque
Snips' Gidget SH
Evil Angel Gamble  
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Anett Von Neuarenberg
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Sweet Sammie Belle  
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