Training Contract


________________________________, Client, hires by contract Woodward Kennels, LLC for the purpose of dog training.  ________________________________, dog(s) which will be trained by Woodward Kennels, LLC with this contract.

 TRAINING FEE:  Woodward Kennels, LLC will be paid the monthly training fee of $_____ for each dog listed above. 

Anticipated Length of Training: _Bi-weekly with one on one and evaluation at the end of their stay._______

The first month’s fee is due at the signing of the contract, and each reoccurring stay.

In return Woodward Kennels, LLC will train dog(s) listed above.

Expense of feeding dog(s) is included in the training contract price.  Specialized feed required by the client must be provided by the client at their expense.

Live birds will be supplied by Woodward Kennels, LLC and are included in the monthly training fee.

SHIPPING:  The client will pay air-freight and make travel arrangements.  Dogs will be shipped out and picked up from Minot, ND or Bismarck, ND if being flown in.

HUNT TEST EXPENSES:  If the client requests/agrees that the dog(s) participate in Hunt Test/Field Trial events under the handling of Woodward Kennels, LLC the following will apply:  Client will reimburse monthly all entry fees incurred by Woodward Kennels, LLC.  Also, a $____per event handling/transportation fee will apply for each dog.

VETERINARY CARE:  Woodward Kennels, LLC will, on a routine basis, inspects dog(s) for injury or sickness.  Proper veterinary care will be sought in the case that it is deemed necessary by Woodward Kennels, LLC.

The client authorizes needed veterinary care by signing this contract.  Client also agrees to reimburse all medical service and medication fees.  Payment of these fees will be on a monthly basis added to the monthly training fee invoice.

The client is responsible to have all vaccinations (rabies/booster) shots current on their dog(s).  Woodward Kennels, LLC also requires each dog be vaccinated for kennel cough at least 10 days prior to entering training.  The client will provide documented proof from a veterinarian before the time the dog arrives at Woodward Kennels, LLC.

The client must provide enough flea/tick medication to last the dog(s) stay.  Woodward Kennels, LLC will administer these medications on a schedule determined by the client.  Woodward Kennels can provide such medications at the expense of the client, and will be added to the monthly invoice.

DEFAULT:  In the event the client fails to pay fees and/or expenses outlined by this document for a period of 90 days, ownership of contracted dog will be forfeited.  After notification that the contract has reached the 90 day delinquent status, client will forfeit contracted dog to cover outstanding balance due to Woodward Kennels, LLC.  Also client will be obligated by this contract to transfer all ownership documentation and registration to Woodward Kennels, LLC.  If legal action is required to obtain proper ownership documentation, client will be bound by this contract to pay attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by Woodward Kennels, LLC to obtain ownership transfer.


HOLD HARMLESS:  The client will hold Woodward Kennels, LLC free and harmless from any and all claims, liability, damage, loss, or expenses arising out of any injury to any person or to any person’s property by the dog(s) named in this contract, while in the care, custody and control of Woodward Kennels, LLC.

LIABILITY LIMITATION:  The client acknowledges that it is accepted that dog training will not provide exact results.  Each dog is different in regards to ability, intelligence, and temperament.  Woodward Kennels, LLC makes no expressed or implied guarantee, to the results reached in training or to the level of competency reached by contracted dog.  Woodward Kennels, LLC reserves the right to terminate this training contract at any time, and to request that the client pick up his dog(s).  All pre-paid fees will be refunded on a daily pro-rated basis in the event Woodward Kennels, LLC would make said request.

The Client accepts that this is a training contract and that Woodward Kennels, LLC is not an insurer of the condition of the dog(s) while it is in the custody of Woodward Kennels, LLC.

Woodward Kennels, LLC is in no way responsible for the cost of replacing contracted dog(s) or for any damage of any kind, should contracted dog(s) die, be stolen, escape, or become injured, or become ill while in the care of Woodward Kennels, LLC.  Proper care will be given and generally accepted training methods will be followed while dog(s) is under contract.  Training can be dangerous and injury or death can occur, even when careful measures have been taken.

SOLE AGREMENT:  This contract is the sole agreement between the client and Woodward Kennels, LLC.  Any prior agreements, promises, negotiations, or representations not expressed in this contract are no longer in force or effect.  Exception being additional terms agreed upon as listed below.





________________________________________                   Date: ____________________

Client Signature

________________________________________                   Date: _____________________

Woodward Kennels Signature