Jax has come out full force in both the competition field, guiding, and personal hunting.  He has shown so much potential that we are thrilled to have him as part of Woodward Kennels future.  In just his first trial season at 1 years old, he has not only held his own against much older and more experienced dogs but has shown them up.  He achieved his NSTRA Amateur Championship in 4 trials.  He achieved his Senior Hunter title in a matter of 3 trials. and is steadily gaining on his 1st NSTRA Open Championship.  We couldn't be more pleased with the dog he has turned into and the great things he will be apart of with Woodward Kennels.

Born - 3/21/15

Weight -

Height -


Jax of All Trades Mr. Drawdoow SH
Bea Traps Tobias Dry Hearts Trap Shooting Starr's True Grit VC Shooting Starr's Son of a Gun MH 1X NSTRA CH CH Shooting Starr's Top Gun MH
Shooting Starr's Jack Pot MH
VC Shooting Star's Hail Storm MH Windrow's Saddle Tramp MH
Shooting Comet's Hustlin Haily MH
Vince York VomMissouri VC Seugenhof Vom Kane Oreo Vom Peripatts SH
Gretta Vo Seugenhof JH
Wind Dancer Vom Missouri CH Shooting Starr's Top Gun MH
Klana Quest Vom Missouri
Gerty Lee's Fast Breaking Bea
FC Wildriver Jesse's Lee
Hilltop's Gewitter Stormy 6X NSTRA CH Qak Hill Sun Strike
Hilltops Jubilant Josie
Wildriver Audabonne Lee 2X NSTRA CH Jesse Lee Perkins 2X NSTRA CH
Sia Maria Tohmeh 4X NSTRA CH
Moesgaard's Ne Gerty 3X NSTRA CH Bredsgaard's Dreng Lystlunds Erebell
Bredsgaard's Ann
Moesgaard's Rocky III FC Rosehills Cosmo
Moesgaards Lucky Devil
Baily II Maximum Heide Ho Dakota
FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief FC AFC Sieg Heil Julson Jesse
Ginger V Hessenwald
FC NFC Heide Ho-Pinehurst Julson Jesse
Erbe's White Streaker
BMK's Stormin' Norma FC AFC Sanjo Sin City Slicker Blue Bayou
Kiss Me Kate
FC Heide Ho-Pinehurst Julson Jesse
Erbe's White Streaker
Diamond Liz Berlinsky Jaegekota Magnum Max VC Seugenhof Vom Kane Oreo Vo Peripatts SH
Greta Vom Seugenhof JH
Von Barron Dakota Kodie Von Barron Milwaakee Jack
Nash's Dakota Kate
Rocky MTN Jazmine's Dream Brush MTN Dandy Rusty Saguaro Duke-He
Dixieland's Ramblin Jute
Brush Mountain Sadie Pandarus
Huenenbrink's Nummber Eine
IHD's Woody's Gorgeous George JH IHD's Das Gross Splitter Von Fritz IHD's Fritz Sohn Von Roll Tide NFC DC Liebmeister Roll Tide FC Northman's Dixieland Cody FC AFC Stormcrow in Dixieland
FC AFC Gotta Go Koojo
CH Liebmeister Kiss My Fanny DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon
CH L'Bmeister L'Blinghaus Abagab
Tiki Von Swegel Rusty Patch of Staver SH AFC Stonelake's Ace's High
Dutchess of Sorrick
Pfeiffer's Majestic Star Dave's Sagefire Spit
Tommy's Hot Cocoa
IHD's Dutchess of River Run Tomahawk's Lucky Von Meister Gunner Vale Spike O
Moesgaards Lady Katy Cutler
Mitzie XIII Kokoa
Hipoint Keely Von Tomahawk
Copper Belle Hoebelheinrichs Von Tucker King E Von Dammerung
S Hoebelheinrich Katie
Anna Bella Buddy Kappes
Brandi Joy Bella
NMK's One and Only DC Eagle Ridge Royal Magnitude MH CH Ericson's Royal Persuasion MH CH Maekenet's Flying Persuasion CH Weinland's Mr Peepers
CH Karasyl's Rainbow Connection
CH Ericson's Tahoe Tessie MH CH Crossing Creek Homesteader
CH Minado's Maekenet My Memory MH
DC NMK's Shining Star-V Rugerheim MH DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon CH Rugerheim's Wynd MH
Adam's Heller Von Waldenburg
DC Nmk's Brittania V Sibelstein AM/CAN CH NMK's Placer Country Snowbird
Rani V Sibelstein
CH NMK'S Timeless Trilogy MH CH Robin Crest Silver Spirit JH CH Robin Crest Reo Flying Cloud JH CH Robin Crest Rolls Royce
CH Exclusive Greta Special
CH Malhaven Sage Grouse CH Malhaven For Your Eyes Only
Buck Hollows Praire Breeze
DC AFC NMK-rd's Final Curtain Call MH CH Nmk's Placer Country Snowbird CH Wing King Von Bradenburg
CH FieldFines Lady of Adam
FC AFC R Desire's Lonesome Dove MH FC AFC Waco Willy
NMK's Morning Desire MH
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NSTRA 1X Am CH; 1X NSTRA CH Jax of All Trades SH - "Jax"



‚Äč3/19/16 - 1st - 2pts

3/19/16 - 4th - 0pts

3/20/16 - 3rd - 0pts

3/20/16 - 3rd - 0pts

4/23/16 - 4th - 0pts

4/23/16 - 3rd - 1pt

4/24/16- 1st - 3pts

4/24/16 - 3rd - 1pt

4/30/16 - 3rd - 1pt

4/30/16 - 1st - 3pts

5/1/16 - 3rd - 1pt

5/1/16 - 1st - 3pts

5/14/16 - 1st - 3pts

5/15/16 - 4th - 0pts

5/15/16 - 4th - 0pts

Total Points - 18/18

Achieved Amateur Championship 5/15/16

Open Placements

5/7/17 - 4th - 0pts

5/7/17 - 2nd - 2pts

5/27/17 - 3rd - 1pt (Regioanl Elimation)

5/27/17 - 3rd - 2pts (3rd Place Regional)

5/29/17 - 1st - 3pt

3/25/18 - 2nd - 2pts

4/28/18- 2nd - 2 pts

5/5/18 - 2nd - 2pts

5/5/18 - 1st - 3pts

5/6/18 - 4th - 0pts

5/13/18 - 1st - 3pts

2018 MN Regional - 6th Place

5/28/18 - 3rd - 1pts

2018 Endurance- 49th Place

2018 Dog of Year - 67th Place

Total Points 18/18 for 1st Open Championship earned on 5/13/18

Total Points 3/18 for 2nd Open Championship